Josh I appreciate your thoughtful response and I’m sorry for my own delayed response. I’ve spent a week or so disconnected from the internet and taking a break.

First I would say that you are correct in your assumption that I believe the corporations are so deeply entrenched in our government and society that A) we cannot get them out, so B) we may as well encourage them to pivot in a more productive and helpful manner. No, I do not believe it is the most ideal plan for combating climate change. This is just an idea for how our current structure/system could be more helpful and supportive of human life and I believe that this idea would be much easier to attain than a complete dismantling of the US military and its supporting systems (the military industrial complex). Better to reach for what we can realistically hope to achieve than to aspire for something that is absolutely not going to happen. No, this is not defeatism. It is just pointing out that an all or nothing approach is not helpful.

As for your last comment about liking a good Utopian story; I just have to say I find your positions here to be far more utopian than my own. Taking a leviathan system like the military-industrial complex and getting it to pivot towards building a greener healthier world is simply much more achievable than that system being dismantled entirely and the 1 trillion/year we spend on that system being directly diverted into environmental programs. I would characterize your idea as being utopian (also as the right ideal) and mine as being realism (not ideal, but far more likely).

I hope this has cleared up my positions on the matter and it is likely I will write more on this subject in the future. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on those pieces as well!

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Narrating the Anthropocene.

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